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SEO Testimonial 2


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Keshavatech Team.

Online business owners need a basic requirement of gaining more online traffic for winning in their business. This persuades website development and its content also. In addition to that, it includes capabilities to lure many internet surfers to visit the webpage. And this is the basic reason behind why web development services providers try to develop creative web content and designs that is capable of fetching out more and more online traffic. Professional designers in this field will render best out of their experience and deliver their customers what they want by understanding their intention of creating a website.

One of such excellent and proficient web development services and internet marketing services provider is Keshava Technology Inc., in Chennai. This reputed institution is an emerging out bud in Chennai with located at Olympia Technology Park, 2/F ALTIUS, 1 – SIDCO INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, Guindy, Chennai – 32, INDIA which was started in Jan 2014 by Mr. Mani Nagappan, who is specialized in web design, search engine optimization services and all related web application development services as Offshore Development Center for their Canada Office . He is backed up with vast experience of nearly 12 years in software development services in different top ranking software companies as an Onsite Project Manager, co-ordinator, Technical lead and even more.

Keshava Technology at Chennai is specialized in offering cutting edge customized solutions for their clients in respect of strategy, technology and creative needs. Their business models comprises of offering services such as mobile application development, social media services, web hosting services, Seo services in most professional way. According to them web design is a kind of art and they prefer offering their clients with innovative new trendy ideas that is capable of impressing more and more prospective customers and thereby increasing online traffic to their sites.

Keshava Technology at Chennai has earned mass response from their clients within the short span of time only because of their expertise and proficient web development service. This is possible for them as the employees of Keshava Technology are highly qualified and professional experienced and up to date skill in their respective filed of specialization and they are as a single force driven towards accomplishment of the assigned task. They assure their clients with offering feature-rich webpages with customized development services at affordable price.

In this fast pace of competitive world it has become very hard to grab the opportunity that comes in the way and hence one should think beyond the box to win in their business. For any business, customers are said to be the King and hence grabbing their attention will easily pave to gain more business. Now in this online trendy generation, people prefer procuring things by comfortably sitting at home. So, it has become undoubtedly important to stay top ranking in Google search results for which SEO is a best and only organic way. Keshava Technology Inc, at Chennai is well-expertise in promoting their client’s product and event and also helps them in reaching their prospective customers by implementing their creative strategies in web development and SEO services.

They offer services that are tailored to fulfill the needs of their clients and customize them in the way their client’s expects. They remain as a one stop shop for all web development service that is ready to offer customized services at most reasonable price.

Our Few Web Development and Web Design Packages.


Kavitha Krishanamoorthy,

Keshava Technology Team,

happy new year 2014  - Mani Nagappan

I Wish Happy New Year 2014 to all my Clients, all my employees, Investors, Outsourcing partners, my Parents, wife, kids and friends to help me Complete my 5 Years of Entrepreneurship Successfully Since Jan 2009 with Employing 250 People, Serving 190 Clients and helped 400 Freelancers to get part time Job in 5 Countries. God has given me Faith and Hope in every journey for 5 Years. I feel good for helping the human Community through my company Keshava Technology Inc.

Company Start Date: Jan 15th 2009 .

5 Years Completion Time:  Jan 15th 2009 – Jan 15th 2014.

CEO of Company : Mani Nagappan and Gandhi .

Company Operating in 4 Countries Since 2013. (Canada, India, Singapore and U.K).

Thanks and regards,

Mani Nagappan CEO,

Keshava Technology Inc.

Web Development and Internet Marketing Company



Social Media Marketing is the best Media platform invented in Internet. It is mandatory for all types of businesses, be it Small, Medium or Large organizations. We at Keshavatech have always been trying to keep pace with the evolving social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and stay on top of best practices. Where you can reach your target Audience, Build relationship and Make them Clients.

Very Few Companies know “How to get Clients through Social Media”, and Keshava Technology is helping Small Business since 2011 to get their clients through Social Media and reach their targets as planned.

Keshavatech provides Social Media Packages by creating

  • A Professional Facebook and Twitter Page for your Business
  • Getting Enough Followers and Fans to your Social Media Account
  • By providing High Quality Content to your Social Media Account
  • By setting up a Lead Capture Page
  • Helps setting up 6 Email Marketing Auto responder for your Product Offer
  • Adds your Social Media Links in your Home Page
  • Setting up 2 Traffic Channels to drive traffic to your Social Media Campaign (Paid + Organic)


Twitter Starter Packages help you grow your business in the Social Media world with minimal budget allocation. With this package Keshavatech helps you get 100 followers, delivered in 72 hours, we manually follow up with your target market, we choose two Articles from the directories, and reports will be delivered on a regular basis.

We just need little information from our clients; Twitter account details, target market, and key words what people browse on Google!!

Client Testimonials
Sandy, Trading Services – “I did plan various tools in Social Media, and finally found Twitter Starter Package at Keshava Technology at great prices”. It’s really works well for me, great work on my twitter account.”

Facebook Starter Package for Small Businesses we can get 25 fans in 48 Hours and Start Getting Clients!!

This package includes Creation of Facebook Fan page, gets 25 fans, ASSURED to get real Facebook fans, 5 posts, will be delivered to you within 48 hours, and report shall be delivered to analyze the growth levels.
This requires very little information like Fan page name, Business information, and Fan page log in details.
Keshavatech makes it very simple to manage your social media and affordable too!

Client Testimonials
Naeem, DeconEnviro – “I started with their Facebook starter Package on September 25th 2011 of Facebook and My first Lead Contacted me on Phone within 7 days of posting few of Articles and Offers of my products and services.

Elena Nicolti, Fashion Designer – “I had a Facebook page with 5 Fans. They increased the Fans to 100′s from my target market and created a Customized Campaign with articles, videos and photos to increase the fans and get Clients through that campaign”. You can take the Facebook packages they have to get results for your Business. Thanks!

LinkedIn Packages have different levels to choose; starting from Basic, Professional, Advanced, and Pro. So how does this different levels work?

All the packages vary and will help you expand your requests like following related companies, maintaining company page, posting 2 to 15 articles, gets 10 to 75 new followers, and a dedicated team member will reply to all the comments and queries on a regular basis!
This way you can keep your company profile up-to-date and active.

Read more about the services we provide and ask for free quotations NOW!!!


Krithika Krishnaraj

Phone: 647 725 2639 Extn 1

Social Media Expert, Keshava Technology Inc

E-Commerce refers to the process of buying or selling products or services over the internet. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular because of Speed and ease of use of  customers.

E-Business activities such as selling online can be directed at consumers or other businesses. Business to Consumer (B2C) involve the online sales of goods, services and provision of information directly to consumers.  Business to Business(B2B) refers to the online exchange of products, services, or information.

Why E-Commerce for Small Business?

Selling online can help your business reach new markets and increase your sales and revenue gains. If you are interested in selling to other businesses, you can use the internet to find sales leads, announce calls for tender and to offer products for sale (either through your own website or through an e-marketplace site)

Searching for products and services online can save you time and money by allowing you to find the best prices without having to do all the legalwork. You can use Internet to find new suppliers, post buying requests or search for products and services. The benefits of effective B2B e-commerce include lower costs associated with selecting suppliers, establishing prices, ordering and finalizing transactions. Online trading networks can also be used to support efficient information exchange between buyers and sellers.

Fast Facts About E-Commerce in Canada

  • Since 2000 the value of online Sales has increased from $5.9 billion to $49.9 billion (2006) in Canada
  • The Vast Majority of online sales still occur between firms as pert of business-to-business (B2B) sales, as opposed to sales from a firm to an individual consumer. Sales from business to business amounted to $31.4 billion in 2006, which represented about 68% of total e-commerce by private firms.
  • Eight percent(8%) of Canadian business sell online but almost twice as many retail firms do so (2006).
  • A 2004 survey shows that SMEs across sectors and size categories reported a substantial increase in revenue as a consequence of e-business adoption (e-business adoption includes internal operations, marketing online, and purchasing and selling online) with an average revenue gain of over 8%.
  • Over one half (57%) of Canadians use the internet to window shop while 43% reported ordering personal goods and services online.
  • Four sectors – manufacturing transportation and warehousing, wholesale trade, and retail trade – lead the way in terms of value of online sales,accounting for nearly 61% of the private sector total (2006).

More to come in Next Articles about E-Commerce. (How to Setup your Own Online Store?)


Kavitha Krishanamoorthy.  Phone: 647 725 2639 Extn 1

Project Leader, Keshava Technology Inc








In a world where technology seems to be rapidly expanding practically on a daily basis, you would have heard the term “app” before. Apps is a short form for applications, and it is through these tools that you will be able to chat with people on Facetime, transfer a balance at your bank or listen to music on iTunes. What do you need to know about mobile application development to really grasp the concept?

How It’s Used
Basically, mobile application development is used to create apps for an array of devices. Generally, these devices are able to be transported with great ease, hence the term mobile. The most common device for which these programs are made is generally a cell phone. However, as ipads and other such tools become smaller and smaller, you will likely start to see even more mobile apps popping up on them as well. The field is growing more diverse by the day.

Creating The Apps
Developers use such a vast array of tools to create applications, and which tools to use is going to depend upon exactly what they are making. For example, they might use Visual Studio, AppCode, MonoDevelop, to name a few. Their decisions are going to depend upon the extent of codes that they need, what HTML they are using to execute the app and some other factors as well. The uptake? Remember that there’s no one software to create any kind of app – you’ll want to find the one for your niche before moving forward.

Testing The Apps
As with any product, developers absolutely need to test their applications. This is to make sure they are appealing to a wide audience before the team puts in the time and money to make any more. However, they also have to be tested for any glitches that they might have. It’s easy for any program to have an error, but especially those with crazy combinations of technology, like this one! This is essentially an editing process for the developers, because they can see what they need to improve on before releasing it to a mass audience.

Always Editing/Updating
Have you ever gone to click on one of the apps on your phone only to find out that you need to upgrade to a new version? One of the reasons for this is that the developers simply found better and more efficient ways to execute their ideas. Another possible reason why this occurs is because some new problems or glitches were found with the app or people might have been reporting a number of issues. Creating an app does not mean making it and then leaving it. Instead, this process is ongoing – as your app gets more and more successful, you’ll need to use some of the profits gained to further improve your product, like with any sector.

Dani Guerrero writes about technology. Her recent work lists 15 Great iPad Apps for Healthcare Professionals.

Social media marketing is essential to any modern company’s success. If a business is unable to keep up, then they will miss out on invaluable chances to reach today’s consumer. The following tips will help any processional team stay on top of their social media marketing with no problem.

1) Know When to Post
It’s essential that you know when to post. Conduct a market study of the most active online hours of your fans and consumers. This will help you post relevant material at the right time. You don’t want to post important updates outside this window if you want to get maximum coverage.

2) Content Counts
Content is perhaps the most important thing to consider in social media marketing. If you are not conveying the right image to your consumer, then you’re missing the point. You want to draw them in with the allusion of the cool life they could have with your product or service. Your content needs to be relevant – no matter how simple the post. The consumer always needs to be reminded of the business behind the post, in addition to the best mode attaining your product or service (a link, a phone number, an address, etc). T.

3) Interaction is Key 
Businesses should always interact with consumers. Don’t be afraid to ask for comments or suggestions. Do customers have a problem? Are they satisfied with the goal of the business? Are their needs being met properly? Social media is a great way for a business to get instantaneous feedback on both their services/products and their business strategies. There’s no need to wait for the results of an expensive survey or study. Instead, businesses can see problems and fix them immediately, thanks to social media. This is an invaluable resource that companies should take advantage of if they want to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

4) Retaining the Consumer
Once a company has the attention of a consumer, their next job is to keep the relationship going – and strong. The goal is to turn any fan, follower or otherwise interested party into a paying customer. Then, the next step is to turn a paying customer into a loyal supporter. This is what will keep a business alive. It is also what separates weak social media marketing plans from those that work. Always study your competitors to see what they are doing successfully. Build on their positives and create an even more dynamic marketing campaign that will counteract all of their failed plans.

As you can see, there are many ways to keep a social media marketing campaign fresh and useful. Just keep the content relevant, and listen to the consumer. It’s obvious that they are the most important factor in a business’s success, but it may not quite be in the way you think. Therefore, it’s vital that their needs are met!

Jenna Rodriguez writes about marketing and internet commerce. Her recent work is on Online Computer Science Degrees.